The Warren Burrough

An active human role play, based in a suburb right outside a large city. 18+
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 Rules For The Warren Burrough

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Rules For The Warren Burrough Empty
PostSubject: Rules For The Warren Burrough   Rules For The Warren Burrough EmptyThu Dec 22, 2011 8:55 pm

[center]1. Be respectful to all members of this site.
2. No power playing/god moding.
3. Drinking, drugs, sex, and other adult content are allowed, however, please put a warning in the topic name. Just so people who do not want to witness/be apart of that kind of role play will not have to be.
4. Since this is a 18+ role play, cursing is allowed. However, try and be reasonable, don't curse every other word.
5. No mythical creatures/furries. This is a human ONLY role play site. You may have your own dog/cat/horse/various other pet, but they can't be the main focus of your role play.
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Rules For The Warren Burrough
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