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 How To Create a Character

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PostSubject: How To Create a Character    Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:05 pm

1. Pick a name and gender for your character.
2. Decide the age, personality, history, and looks of your character.
3. Remeber to keep your character interesting(no cookie cutter perfections) while also remaining aware of the fact that we don't want unrealistic drama(no 'my whole family was murdered when I was younger and I'm emotionally scarred for life').

Name :: Jonathan Class
Gender :: Male
Age :: 17
Hair Color :: Dark brown
Eye Color :: Brown
Race/Ethnicity :: Hispanic
About Jon ::
Jon is a bad boy. He has been for a while. He had a few bad experiences that set him over the edge. He is easily angered, but does his best to remain calm in certai situations. Though he finds it hard to become friends with others, once he is friends with them he will protect them till he can't anymore. He looking for that one special girl to tame his flame and make him love the world again.
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How To Create a Character
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